Employer’s Liability/Workers’ Compensation

Threats to businesses frequently come from within. Today’s employers face risks that are often difficult to discern and hard to predict. Melchiode Marks King provides both businesses and their insurers advice and representation to address these risks head on.

MMK’s attorneys routinely represent employers and insurance companies in workers’ compensation matters in Louisiana and Texas. Our clients have included businesses of every kind and size, from Fortune 500 Companies to sole proprietorships. We have decades of experience defending cases under state workers’ compensation acts as well as the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. We have tried cases in every workers’ compensation court in Louisiana. We are equally adept at defending companies against claims of intentional tort.

MMK provides a tailored approach to each workers’ compensation and employer’s liability claim. Often, allegations of injury or occupational disease are legitimate, and in such cases we work closely with our clients to respond in manner leading to expedient and cost-effective results. When facing fraudulent claims, our attorneys take an aggressive stance. By understanding our clients’ interests, we develop and implement action plans that are effective and mindful of our clients’ core interests.