First-Party Property

The First-Party Property attorneys at MMK have handled some of the most complicated commercial and personal first-party claims in this country’s history due to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Isaac. However, while we pride ourselves as litigators, we are also proud of our ability to resolve matters when it makes the most sense for our clients and our clients’ insureds.

MMK’s “Property” attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of First-Party claims, including but not limited to, the evaluation of: property damages, business interruption, policy interpretation, coverage, fraud, bad-faith and regulatory compliance.

This experience allows us to assist and represent our clients in: Appraisals, Arson and Fraud Investigations, EUO’s, Coverage Evaluations, Insurer Bad-Faith/Extra-contractual Defense, Litigation and Negotiations with Insureds/Brokers/PA’s. We have assisted insurers in drafting first-party policies, given speeches and seminars to our client’s adjusters and acted as their first-party appraisers.