Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal affirms MMK’s summary judgment win

Affirmation by the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal puts an end to a defamation suit filed in December 10, 2002. MMK successfully defended against the plaintiff/appellant—a highly compensated executive with a large health care provider—who sought $10,000,000 in damages, claiming his reputation was permanently ruined by the defamatory statements made by the defendants.

MMK’s Motion for Summary Judgment was granted by the trial court and recently affirmed on appeal by the Louisiana Fourth Circuit. After a panel of 3 judges could not agree, it was re-argued before a five-judge panel who found that the statements made by the defendants were not defamatory, but rather statements which an ordinary person would understand as constitutionally protected statements of opinion. Two judges, Terri Love and Joy Lobrano, dissented, with reasons. Attorney Renée Melchiode argued in the district court and before both panels of judges at the Court of Appeal.

Click here to read the majority opinion.

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